Mordik O.M. substantiation of parameters of working bodies potato digger combing type, at potato cultivation on a drop irrigation - the Manuscript.

The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Tech.Sci. on a speciality 05.05.11 - Cars and means of mechanization of an agricultural production. Lugansk national agrarian university, Lugansk, 2009.

The dissertation is devoted a substantiation of parameters potato digger combing type (type offered by the author), the potato working on cleaning which have been grown up on technology of a drop irrigation.

On the basis of construction of kinematics models of interaction of elements of working bodies with tubers of a potato and soil clods are established a number of the parameters defining a design potato digger.

By results of multifactor experiment and optimization of the received equation of regress such parameters, as radius of teeth cheesing, factor of a kinematics mode and number of numbers of teeth cheesing are defined.

Methods of the kinematics analysis, the regressive analysis, statistical methods, methods of optimization the regress equation are used. Techniques, installations laboratory and laboratory-field are developed. As a result of the spent researches methods of calculation of constructive and technological parameters (11 parameters) potato digger combing type are developed.

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