As you know, campaigns of destroying churches were held in Soviet time. A lot of architectural memorials were destroyed during this period. Why did it take place and what results should we expect? What way the churches' restoration will follow? Will this situation stabilize and achieve a condition like it was before Soviet Union? Or we should expect another religious crisis, like 50 years ago, like a stretched spring, which would be reduced and then straightened, until stopping. Other variants are possible, too. What scenario of events' developing is more possible? That's I'd like to find out during the creating of my work.

I choose this topic because I'm really interestedin religious situation in the country, because I myself is Orthodox Cristian and this theme is close to me.

I'm sure that this topic is really actual nowadays. There are many believers in our country. If churches are destroyed, nothing good can occur. Church - is a very important part of Russian culture.

My hipothesis is that religious situation in the country would stabilize from year to year and will achieve the such condition like it was before creating USSR.

My aim is to prove my point of view, to deny it or to find another way of developing.

The objectives of my work are to find a lot of material on this topic, to compare, analyse it, to do a research work and to form skills of research work.

orthodox church culture

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