During making my project I came to conclusion that churches rebuilding would not only stabilize but develop actively.

Church plays an enormously important role in Russian culture. It makes people to unite and help them with difficulties. Everybody even people who are not believers visit church to light a candle. Most of Russian people are christened. Even every bully and hooligan listen to verger's advice. Great holidays were made state ones even not so great ones e.g. Memorial Day Saints Peter and Fevroniya - July 8.

Russian church is not only our pride it is also a part of Russian culture which could not be separated off.

One more argument for developing religion in our country. We can surely say that churches will not be destroyed because they are valuable architectural historical monuments. We cannot destroy the architectural heritage of Russian culture.

People understood their mistakes that they had made in Soviet time and will not make them again. People study on their own mistakes as you know and get experience. Russian people will not make such a horrible mistake again because they know the results. While Russian Church exists Russians will be a united nation and our country will not broke on many little states like it was with some other countries. Russia - is enormously big country and needs something to unite people in it inmother case it would be impossible to rule it.

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